What is reablement?

Reablement is a new service which aims to help people regain their independence following an illness, injury, disability or loss of personal support network. It is a free service and is provided for a short period of time, usually no longer than six weeks.

The reablement service will work with you to help you to do things for yourself rather than do things for you. It will focus on your strengths and abilities and help you build up your confidence in doing things for yourself such as:

  • getting up, washed and dressed;
  • preparing meals and snacks;
  • getting about in and out of the home;
  • doing household tasks like shopping, pension and laundry; and
  • getting involved in social and leisure activities

Reablement is not a long term service and does not provide personal care to people who need someone to do things for them.

Reablement is about helping people develop or regain the skills and confidence to do things for themselves.