Residential care

This ‘residential care’ heading includes all kinds of accommodation providing support as well.

Here you will find:

Supported living; Nursing homes; Residential homes; Extra Care Housing (sometimes called very sheltered); Short breaks (respite care); and Adult placement.

Useful Information

  • What is residential care?

    A residential care home provides full board and personal care. Personal care includes help with washing, dressing, toilet needs, getting up and going to bed but not nursing care.  Sheltered and warden assisted housing and residential hotels are not classed as residential care. Nursing homes  provide…

  • What is nursing home care?

    A nursing home provides full board, personal care and qualified nursing care. A nursing home has to have a professionally qualified nurse on duty 24 hours per day.  Nursing homes should not be confused with residential homes which provide full board and personal care but not nursing…

  • Age UK Care home checklist - Helping you to make the right choice

    Choosing a care home is one of the important decisions you can make. After all, you want to be sure that your new home offers everything you need and is a place you will be happy to live in. Finding out as much as you…

  • Extra Care Housing – an alternative to residential care

    Extra Care Housing offers service users a private home with their own front door but with all the support provided by a residential home. Extra Care Housing is a broad spectrum where, at one end, will be the creation of purpose built schemes where all flats will be…

Residential care