Help using the directory

I would like to include information about my service on the directory

If you provide services, activities or events and would like these to be included on the Cumbria Support Directory, you will need to register first.  Once you are registered, you will be able to sign in and create and update an entry (or entries) in the directory for your services.  You will be able to sign in and update your entries at any time.  This is a free service.

To register:

  • Click on ‘Register’ at the top of the directory home page.
  • Complete the form providing the email address and password you wish to use when signing in.
  • Read the terms and conditions and then tick the box to confirm you are happy with this.
  • Click the ‘Register’ box at the bottom of the form.
  • You will receive an automated email from the directory within a minute or so.
  • This email contains a link to use to validate your email address and you must select this link before you attempt to sign in.  The link takes you to a page and you then need to sign in using your email address and password.
  • This validates your email address and you will receive another email confirming this and that your account is active.
  • You are now registered.  You will be able to sign in or out using your email address and password whenever you want.

When you sign in, you go to an ‘Account Home’ page.  This gives you two options:

  • ‘Provider Updates’ – you use this option to create new records.  There is information on the page about this.
  • ‘Account settings’ – you use this option to change your details, for example your email address or password.

To sign in:

  • Enter the email address you registered with.
  • Enter the password you provided when you registered. If you have forgotten this, click on ‘Forgot your password?’  The directory will email you a temporary password you can use to sign in with.  You can then change your password using ‘Account Settings’ on your ‘Account Home’ page.

To sign out:

  • Click on ‘Sign out’ at the top right hand side of the screen.

To get to your ‘Account Home’ page

When you sign in, you go direct to your ‘Account Home’ page.  You can return to your ‘Account Home’ page at any time using the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page.

To update your records

From your ‘Account Home’ page, select ‘Provider Updates’.  This page lists the records you have assigned to you.  You can have up to 10 records assigned to you.  If you need more than this contact the directory administrator.

The records assigned to you contain information about services you are able to update.  If you click on ‘Record Actions’ on the right hand side next to a record, you will be able to:

  • Update Record – to add, change and delete information about a service.  These changes are not normally moderated so they will appear on the directory within a few minutes.
  • Manage Images – to add or delete an image.  The image is automatically resized for the directory.  It will appear against the record in search results and also when the full details of the record are viewed. Note: you can only upload images that are .jpg or .png format and up to 10MB. Images are virus checked during upload and will be rejected if anything suspicious is found.
  • Manage Documents – to add or delete a document.  The document(s) will be stored on the directory and available to users via a link which appears when the full details of the record are viewed.  Note: you can only upload documents up to 10MB. They are virus checked during upload and will be rejected if anything suspicious is found.
  • Delete Record – to request to delete a record.  Your request goes through an administrator to approve this so the change will not happen straight away.

To create a new record

To create a new record for a service, click on the ‘Create new record’ button.  This will take you to an ‘Add Service Listing’ form.  You use this form to enter the information about the service.  When finished, click on the ‘Save Service’ button.  New records are moderated by an administrator so will not appear immediately on the directory.  Once approved, they will go live on the directory and will appear listed under ‘Records you can update’ in ‘Provider Updates’ when you are signed in.

The ‘Add Service Listing’ form includes:

  • Title – this is the name of the service or organisation
  • Description – the directory’s search function uses information in the title and description to produce lists of possible service options.  Try to describe the service using the kinds of words users might use to search for information.  Sometimes this might mean describing a service in several ways, for example a service for the hard of hearing might also need to include words like deaf, deafened, hearing impaired.
  • Offering services to – tick the boxes that apply.  These can be used to narrow lists of search results.
  • Services supporting people with – tick the boxes that apply.  These can be used to narrow lists of search results.
  • Age range – add details if needed
  • Contact details – to be used by people wanting to find out more about a service.
  • Venue details – to be used by people wanting to go to the service.  The postcode is used in geographical searching, for example when searching for a service in Carlisle or near someone’s home postcode.
  • Areas served – tick to indicate where a service operates in a particular area.  This can be used to narrow lists of search results.  If a service operates in a smaller area than a district, this detail can be included in the service description.
  • Date & Time Details - provide a brief sentence on when your service takes place or is open, for example: 'Open Monday to Friday from 9am until 6pm'; 'Tuesday evenings from 7pm -9pm'; or 'Wednesday 11 April 2012'.
  • What’s On – tick this if you would like your date and time details to be included in the directory’s ‘What’s On’ information.  This would be particularly useful for one off or regular weekly or monthly events.
  • Vacancy Information – use this to include details of your service’s capacity and current vacancies.
  • Other Details – add details as needed
  • Additional Information – add details as needed

Information you cannot update yourself

There are a few fields you are not able to update yourself.  These are set by the directory administrator.  You can ask for details of these and to change these by emailing the administrator:

  • Service category and sub category – your service can be categorized by type of service.  You can have multiple categories, for example if your organization provides several different services.  These categories are important as their use determines whether your service appears on search results lists when users click on the blue ‘Service’ buttons on the home page.
  • Link to Care Quality Commission information – if your service is registered with CQC, the directory administrator will link your entry to CQC data so this appears on the directory.
  • Cumbria County Council contracted service – services contracted with Cumbria County Council will be indicated as such on the directory.  This will also include details of what service is contracted for.