Age UK West Cumbria - Support to Take Part in An Activity in The Community

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What does the service offer?


You will have an individual support plan to help you achieve your goals as well as your own support worker to help and accompany you to take part in an activity.




We are also able to help you to take part in activities to help you recover and rebuild your skills following illness, stroke or other critical event. For example your support worker might help you to


  • Progress therapeutic activities defined by your therapist
  • Build confidence
  • Attend a stroke club



Examples of activities you might choose:


  • Luncheon club
  • Social group
  • Computer group
  • Walk accompanies by your support worker
  • Other physical activity
  • Men's group
  • Art, craft or photo group
  • Cinema
  • Library or book club
  • Volunteering




Your support worker will either: transport you in their car, accompany you on public transport or arrange transport for you. There is a charge for transport.




How to Access This Service


You can ask your social worker to refer you or you can make your own private arrangements by calling our help line.



How to pay for this service


You can:


  • Use your individual budget
  • Use direct payments
  • Pay for yourself




Who to Contact
08443 843 843

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