Every First Tuesday

3 February 1 - 3pm, and every first Tuesday of the month

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Every First Tuesday is one element of Lakeland Arts' Enriched by Moments programme of activity and events designed to engage people living with dementia and their carers. This monthly meeting at Abbot Hall Art Gallery seeks to generate conversation and enquiry inspired by works of art. These enjoyable sessions are inspired by a belief that creative and cultural experiences can be enormously rewarding and meaningful for people living with dementia. Conversation stimulates brain activity, aids communication skills and enhances feelings of well being. Each session creates a supportive environment where everyone's responses and ideas are valued and celebrated.

Who to Contact
Anne-Marie Quinn
Learning and Engagement Officer
01539 722464
Where to Go
Name of venue
Abbot Hall Art Gallery
Venue address
Kirkland Kendal
Additional Notes

Participants must book by telephone to ensure that the visit will support the participant and carer. Participants are welcome to join sessions unaccompanied by carers (however it must be noted that course leaders are not trained to provide support for the personal needs of participants). The session is suitable for people who have always loved looking at art as well as those who might not be regular visitors to art galleries. Everyone is welcomed.

When is it On?
Date & Time Information
3 February 1 - 3pm, and every first Tuesday of the month
Session Information
Participants meet in the entrance area to the gallery before going to the coffee house for refreshments. This is then followed by a gallery experience which seeks to generate conversation
enquiry and creative activity. Each session has a different focus with opportunities to handle materials and explore ideas in different ways.
Other Details
Each session costs £5.00. Carers are not charged.
Referral and eligibility notes

Booking is essential so that specific needs can be discussed before the visit and any issues around mobility and access to the building can be adressed

Age Range

Vacancy Information
Vacancy TypeAvailable CapacityNotesVacancies
6 3

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