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Homeshare is a simple concept and is about two people sharing a home.

Loneliness and isolation impacts on mortality and quality of life, and is regarded as being more damaging to your health than 15 cigarettes a day and equivalent to consuming enough alcohol to be classed as an alcoholic.

Homeshare could be your antidote to isolation and loneliness providing you with companionship.

Does the idea of sharing your home appeal to you and at the same time scare you; Homeshare can take that anxiety away.

If you have a spare room and would like some support Homeshare will endeavour to find you a share that fulfils your criteria. The support you require could be anything from small jobs around the house alleviating the worry of how much is it going to cost or struggling with a ladder to change a light bulb, and ensuring the property doesn’t deteriorate during the time of the share. Maybe you just want company or a lift to visit a relative or friend.

If you are looking for a home in Cumbria and willing to give 10 hours of your time to someone who needs support, householders offer a room for a contribution to utility bills.

Who to Contact
Jo Radcliffe
Homeshare Co-ordinator
01228 536673
Other Details
Referral and eligibility notes

Operates from 3 local offices based at Carlisle, Penrith and Appleby.

Offering information and advice to individuals over 50, their family and their carers. Other services include, day care and lunch clubs, home support, home share service, charity shops, befriending, shopmobility service (Penrith only) and volunteering opportunities.

We no longer offer insurance at any of the offices.

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