Community Dental NHS Services

Trust switchboard: 01228 602000
North Cumbria Dental Service: 01228 603900
South Cumbria Dental Service: 01539 716822
Address: Trust HQ Voreda Portland Place Penrith Cumbria
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Community Dental Service provides specialist dental services for people in Cumbria who have a specialist or special care need.

This service is for patients:

  • with complex medical problems which may affect their dental health
  • with learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems who find it difficult to cope with routine dentistry
  • with physical access problems for example large wheelchairs which make it difficult to access general dental practices and patients who are housebound and have mobility problems
  • routine care for Children Looked After
  • children and adults with a dental phobia who are unable to cooperate for routine dental treatment and require sedation to help with this
  • a dental practitioner may also refer should they wish specialist care for their patient such as treatment under general anaesthesia.

There are different ways of obtaining an appointment with our services:

  • an appointment may be arranged following a visit to your own dentist if he/she feels they are not able to provide the special care that you need.
  • we also provide regular appointments for children in care and people with certain disabilities.
  • children who are waiting to be allocated to a dentist and have their names on the Dental Direct database may occasionally be asked to attend for an examination and a single course of treatment.
  • we will also provide a single course of treatment for children who have been seen in a Dental Access Centre following a dental emergency.

To contact Dental Services:

North Cumbria: 01228 603900

South Cumbria: 01539 716822

Emergency appointments are provided at:

North Cumbria (Allerdale, Copeland, Carlisle and Eden) 01228 603900

Egremont Dental Access Centre 01228 603900

CueDoc Dental Surgery West Cumberland Hospital 01228 603900

A restricted Domiciliary Service is also offered.

Who to Contact
Trust switchboard: 01228 602000
North Cumbria Dental Service: 01228 603900
South Cumbria Dental Service: 01539 716822
Where to Go
Venue address
Trust HQ Voreda Portland Place Penrith Cumbria
CA11 7QQ

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