Stepping Stone 2to

open Wednesday throughout the year 10am till 3pm.

Address: Trinity Drive Northside Workington. Cumbria.
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A social and educational drop in facility held in a venue that is both a vibrant, and friendly community centre in the heart of Workington.

Stepping Stone 2to is community based and aimed at people who struggle to access mainstream society in a positive and contributary manner. This may be due to problems with learning difficulties, such as, reading and writing, problems with numbers, low confidence and self-esteem, and/or trouble communicating with others.

People may have feelings of being isolated and wanting to meet new friends in a safe and comfortable environment but not sure how to go about it. They may want a chance to improve, life and work skills at an individually tailored pace in a safe and comfortable environment that suits them. But also the chance to socialize with others if they wish.

We also offer tailored Health and Wellbeing sessions, where healthy diet, and exercise are promoted to improve quality of life, confidence, personal image, and self-esteem.

Stepping Stone 2to already has a core group of people who have themselves made excellent progress through attending the charity and who now meet on a regular basis with the support of the tutors.

The existing members now meet, greet, and help others to progress, which is done through the various activities both educational, social, health, and wellbeing.

Life and work skills training is included thereby enabling individuals to have a more enhanced and positive access to services and facilities in their local community.

Stepping Stone 2to has now also set up a blog, and Facebook page where members can share their achievements with others, and help widen awareness of their abilities, and the kinds of issues they may face on a regular basis. By doing this it not only helps to develop coping strategies, or solutions to these issues, but helps to change negative perceptions people may have of them.

Fun and laughter are an essential ingredient within the charity, and the environment is relaxed and unthreatening.

Why not pop in and see if its for you?  All are welcome.

Who to Contact
Harry Brannigan/Tracey Croft
Charity Tutor/Coordinators
Where to Go
Name of venue
Northside Community Centre
Venue address
Trinity Drive Northside Workington. Cumbria.
CA14 1AX
Additional Notes

The venue phone numbers are; 01900 68739

When is it On?
Date & Time Information
open Wednesday throughout the year 10am till 3pm.
Time of day
Session Information
session is dependent on needs of individuals.
As above
Other Details
£10.50 for resources and refreshments
Referral and eligibility notes

Contact Harry in the first instance and usually a first time meeting is agreed with the individual and any key people involved, if applicable. If an interest is shown an invite is then given directly to come along to a session on a purely informal basis to meet the existing members, have a chat, sit in for part of a session if required and then see how it goes from there on.

Age Range
18years upwards.

You are welcome to come along and see what we are about and any further information required can be given then, or you can give me a call anytime. Many thanks and kind regards, Harry, on behalf of Stepping Stone 2to Community Project.

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