Springfield Domestic Abuse Support in South Lakeland

Business Hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

01539 720313 for Refuge
01539 726171 for Community Service
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Supported Refuge Accommodation for Single Women and Community Advice and Support Service


Springfield provides short term supported accommodation for up to 6 months for single women aged over 18, without dependent children. They would be at risk from or fleeing domestic abuse and at risk of homelessness. These women would have support needs and may also be affected by other issues such as drug and alcohol dependency or mental health issues.


Springfield will offer a range of services to ensure that the women are safe and secure as well as developing their own assets and skills to ensure positive move on and sustained tenancies.


We also run a Community Service for both women and men in the local community. We offer advice and signposting, one to one support, peer support, groupwork and access to counselling.


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01539 720313 for Refuge
01539 726171 for Community Service
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Business Hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
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If you need to leave an abusive relationship and come to somewhere safe, you can ring our Refuge direct for information about current vacancies.  If you are not at immediate risk, please contact Supporting People first.


Our service, though based in South Lakeland, can accept referrals from anywhere in the country.


Springfield accepts women from all backgrounds and does not discriminate based on race, colour, nationality, ethnic or cultural origins, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or age, including women whose first language is not English, women from travelling backgrounds and those with mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependency, as long as we know we are able to meet their needs. At present we cannot offer adapted accommodation for those with disabilities.


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Springfield Refuge is a warm, homely environment with a dedicated and committed team of staff and trustees.  We actively fundraise to provide additional services and activities including a dedicated counselling service and outdoor activities. 


Our Community Service provides a much needed lifeline to both women and men in the local community suffering from domestic abuse.


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