CAMEO Day Care - Come And Meet Each Other

07874 009 808
Address: The Marchesi Centre Holly Road Windermere
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CAMEO Day Care - Come And Meet Each Other has now changed its name to Social Club55 and runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am to 3pm at the Marchesi Centre. Open to all over 55 who would benefit and enjoy being part of a community group.

  • 30 per day includes meal, refreshments, social activities, singing, mingling and discussions. Outings also planned for the warmer days. Local transport provided within 4 mile radius on full day sessions. Dementia friendly, support provided according to peoples needs and inclusive environment. Ideal for carers who need respite break,

  • 15 half day session,

  • 10 drop in for 2 hours,

  • lunch club monday Wednesday and Friday for £5, and

  • members can link in with other day opportunities held at the Marchesi centre ie short tennis, bridge, talks, scottish dancing, art etc.

Who to Contact
Anita Baxter
07874 009 808
Where to Go
Name of venue
The Social Club
Venue address
The Marchesi Centre Holly Road Windermere
LA23 2AF

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