Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Furness area

New client helpline open Mon-Fri 9-5

0800 328 0006
Address: Spring Mount Christian Fellowship Spring Grove (Abbey Road) Barrow-in-Furness
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Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an award-winning debt-counselling charity. CAP helps 1000s of people to become debt-free every year. The service is completely free and open to everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, nationality, race, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or level of debt. Since it started in 1996 CAP has grown to include over 300 debt centres across the UK, including ones in Carlisle, Whitehaven, Eden and Kendal and over that time thousands of people have been helped to debt freedom and are in control of their finances. Clients are met in their own home and a reasonable budget is worked out or, in the case of severe debt, insolvency options are pursued. CAP works with the clients and stays in contact with them until they become debt-free.

Who to Contact
Christians Against Poverty
0800 328 0006
Where to Go
Name of venue
Barrow-in-Furness Parkside CAP Debt Centre
Venue address
Spring Mount Christian Fellowship Spring Grove (Abbey Road) Barrow-in-Furness
LA14 5LU
Additional Notes

This is our office but everyone who rings the helpline is then met in their own home by Debt Centre Manager Donna Docker, a local person, along with someone from the local church.

When is it On?
Date & Time Information
New client helpline open Mon-Fri 9-5
Other Details
This is an entirely free service to provide a route to you becoming entirely debt free
Referral and eligibility notes

Appointments are made via the national freephone number where an appointment will then be made for you to be visited in the comfort of your own home


Age Range

We cover postcodes LA13 to LA16 but can cover some LA12 postcodes by arrangement

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