Safety Net Advice and Support Centre

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Address: 1 Fisher Street Carlisle Cumbria
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Safety Net Advice and Support Centre office is based on Fisher Street in Carlisle and offers therapeutic and support services aimed at supporting children, young people and their families who have suffered rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence, across the county of Cumbria.

We provide our services from centres in Carlisle, Workington, Cockermouth and Whitehaven.

Services include:

Play and Art Therapy for Children; and Person Centred, Art Therapy, CBT and Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. 

Integrated Family Support Services include 1:1 support work and advocacy and parenting work.

Advocacy Services include signposting and representation through the Criminal Justice System; representation in court; support through child care proceedings; Representation at CICA tribunal.

Services are available on a short or long term basis depending on need and are free of charge to those who need to access the service.

This is a Life Matters service offering people opportunities for living well.

Who to Contact
Abigail Finnegan
01228 515859
Where to Go
Name of venue
Safety Net Advice and Support Centre
Venue address
1 Fisher Street Carlisle Cumbria
When is it On?
Date & Time Information
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
Time of day
Session Information
Individual appointments are made with each Client
Other Details
Free to Clients
Referral and eligibility notes

Referral criteria:

Safety Net is a service for children and young people aged between 3 and 25 who are suffering the traumatic effects of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence, recent or historical. We also provide support to their families where it is needed. We are also able to offer services to adult (over 25 years old) survivors of sexual abuse and rape where children under 16 will be an indirect beneficiary i.e. resident with the adult, or likely to be rehabilitated with the parent.

We accept referrals from all relevant agencies across the sectors. We accept referrals over the phone on 01228 515859, in person and in writing; by email or post using our referral form see website. Clients can self refer.

If an agency wishes to commission our services please contact CEO, Abigail Finnegan on 01228 515859 or

Age Range
3 years to 25
Cumbria County Council contracted service?
Contracted For:
Life Matters

What happens next:

On receipt of referral we will get in touch with all agencies/professionals working with the client (and their family where appropriate).

The parent/carer or adult client will be offered an initial assessment appointment. This is to go through the referral, a risk assessment and discuss how Safety Net can best support them & their family. Once the assessment process is completed, we will then look to allocate to the appropriate therapist.

Once a client aged under 16 has been allocated to a therapist we will ask the parent/carer to attend an initial session with that therapist without their child. This given them the opportunity to discuss specific issues of concern and also give the parent the chance to ask about the therapists’ way of working, questions about therapy in general etc. The therapist will then arrange a day and time that the child can attend. This time will be their regular slot.

Letters to advise school etc can be sent and also we will confirm back to the referrer that the family/child has now engaged. The parent must remain in the building for each session time.

Once a client over 16 has been allocated to a therapist they will be offered 6 weekly appointments and then move to fortnightly appointments for as long as they need the service. We do not offer any waiting facilities for anyone to wait whilst an adult attends a session.

We do not specify the number of sessions available to each client so sometimes need to operate a waiting list.

Clients will be given an estimate of the time they may need to wait and kept updated on progress, as required. Cases that do not meet our referral criteria, or require a multi-agency approach are referred out accordingly.


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