Age UK West Cumbria: Aids for Daily Living

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm

08443 843 843
01900 844670
Address: Oxford Street Workington
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Age UK West Cumbria stocks a wide range of daily living, mobility, sensory and dementia aids and equipment to help people live independently and continue to get out and about. These are available to view and try at our Bradbury Independent Living Centre in Workington and we have local outlets in Whitehaven, Millom and Wigton. Products are available for purchase and we also provide a prescription handling service.  In addition, we provide a wheelchair hire service and demonstration of larger equipment, eg wash and dry toilets, stair-lifts etc.

We  offer specialist footwear (eg extra roomy shoes and slippers for swollen or misshapen feet) and clothing, continence products etc.


Age UK West Cumbria also provides a Trusted Assessor service to assess and advise on your individual needs.


We also offer an ordering service and an equipment delivery and fitting service.


In addition, we offer new assistive technologies, including wearable devices, eg personal alarms. 



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Who to Contact
08443 843 843
01900 844670
Where to Go
Name of venue
Bradbury Independent Living Centre
Venue address
Oxford Street Workington
CA14 2AL
When is it On?
Date & Time Information
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm
Other Details
Age Range
All ages

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